Rubik's Chess

Last week we found out that Puzzle Pranks Co. have invented new type of puzzle - Rubik's Chess. The goal is simple - you get a scrambled cube with various chess pieces on its sides, and you must unscramble it so that on each side there is one mated King, assuming the kings can not capture the neighboring pieces (Queens, Rooks, Bishops, kNights).

Rubik's Chess Puzzle

We are usually good with this type of puzzles, but we spent our entire weekend trying to solve this one without any success. We even started wondering if it can be actually solved, so decided to share it with you and see if you can help us figure that out.

Below you can see the way the cube looks when seen through 8 different angles:

Remark: The orientations of the pieces are irrelevant of the final solution, i.e. they don't need to be consistent on each side.

The Rubik's Chess puzzle can not be solved. You can see a detailed solution HERE.