Houdini: Master of Escape

Houdini: Master of Escape by ThinkFun is a disentanglement puzzle consisting of 40 unique challenges, mostly difficult ones. Considering the low price, this is a brain teaser of great value. For each of the 40 challenges included, there is a diagram on which it is explained how to attach Houdini to the trap cage using various ropes, locks, and rings. After you do this, your task is to help the great magician "escape" via some clever manipulation of the provided objects. Houdini: Master of Escape in its core is a collection of classic, mostly well-known puzzles. The fresh presentation however makes it feel very original, and also much more fun to solve. This is a highly recommended toy, especially at its low price of about $10-20.

Houdini Brainteaser
  • disentanglement puzzle
  • 40 challenges
  • great presentation
  • amazing value
  • highly recommended