Perplexus Q-Bot

Q-Bot is by far the smallest Perplexus, both in terms of size* and number of barriers. Unlike the other Perplexus mazes, Q-Bot has cubic shape, which gives the impression of some futuristic Sci-Fi gadget. With just over 30 barriers, it is relatively easy, comparable to Perplexus Rookie. Q-Bot is also almost completely static, and I found its overall design to be somewhat less imaginative than the other Perplexuses (Perplexi?). While playing with Q-Bot, I stumbled upon several sections where the ball was not clearly visible, which made passing some barriers a bit frustrating. Even though this maze is not one of my favorites, I still had some fun with it. Q-Bot may not be the best Perplexus to start your collection with, but it will be definitely a good addition.

*Not counting the miniature version of Perplexus Original.

Perplexus Q-Bot
  • easy difficulty
  • 33 barriers
  • pocket size
  • recommended