Perplexus Miniature

Perplexus Miniature is a small replica of the original Perplexus. It features the same layout, barriers, and colors, but measures just 2-3 inches in diameter. The marble's movement is decently smooth, and the maze works surprisingly well despite its small size. That being said, this version is definitely more frustrating and less fun to play than the original one. The marble gets regularly stuck midway the path or in the corners, so you often need to tap on the sphere to make it move. Overall, the product feels more like a novelty item than a fully functional puzzle. It is not a bad toy, but if you are looking for a cheaper, smaller version of Perplexus, I would recommend you to try the Q-Bot model instead.

Perplexus Original Miniature
  • medium difficulty
  • 100 barriers
  • very small size
  • recommended