Petals Around the Rose

This is a puzzle which is best played with friends and real dice on a table. The rules require one of the players to throw 5 dice at once, and then answer correctly "how many petals there are around the rose". The procedure gets repeated until everyone has discovered the secret rules of the puzzle, or given up.

If you want to solve "Petals Around the Rose" yourself now, just keep clicking the image below to get new dice combinations. How many throws do you need in order to figure out this classic puzzle?

Remark: If you are with a mobile phone, use landscape orientation to display the images.

The roses are the middle dots on the dice, and the petals are the dots around them. Just count the number of all petals appearing on the five dice and you will get the answer. 1 -> 0, 2 -> 0, 3 -> 2, 4 -> 0, 5 - > 4, 6 -> 0.