Gravity Maze

Gravity Maze is one of the most famous and accoladed products by Thinkfun. The premise of this unique puzzle/game is to create a 3D structure of blocks and tunnels which allows a small marble to travel the distance between a designated start and end points. Gravity Maze comes in a large box and includes a plastic 5x5 grid, 11 colorful blocks of varying sizes, 3 marbles, and 60 challenge cards. The blocks are composed of small cubes and contain short tunnels passing through them. They can be placed on the grid either horizontally or vertically, and can also fit each other, just like LEGO blocks. This allows the solver to design an extended system of tunnels, essentially creating a maze for the marbles to travel through. The challenge cards are split into 5 groups by difficulty, ranging from simple beginner puzzles (involving just a few blocks) to expert puzzles (involving up to ten blocks). Solving each of the puzzles requires careful analysis of the given pieces and all the possible ways in which they can be combined. When the structure is completed, the solver must drop a marble into one of the pieces and watch it find its way to the destination. Testing the final solution is arguably the best part of the puzzles, and it is probably what makes Gravity Maze such a fun game. Even though the recommended age is 8 years and up, many of my academic friends enjoyed spending time with it as well. I am sure that middle and high schoolers will like it even more.

Gravity Maze
  • 60 challenges with varying difficulty
  • unique and fun concept
  • the challenge cards are a bit flimsy
  • highly recommended