Hoopla Cube

Hoopla Cube is one of the many wooden puzzles offered by Siam Mandalay. It consists of 3 pieces which need to be maneuvered around each other until they create a cubic shape. The task requires strong imagination, focus, and patience. In order to get a sense of what to expect from this type of puzzles, you can try the online game Interlocked. However, no video game can replicate the experience from solving a puzzle toy in real life, especially when it is well made. Siam Mandalay’s products in particular seem to offer very high quality. The wood is well-polished and pleasant to touch. There is a subtle logo of the company, engraved on one of the pieces, which enhances the look of the toy. One major remark which I have is related to the fit of the pieces. I feel that the space between some of them is a millimeter or two larger than optimal. This allows the pieces to jiggle around and makes it possible to solve the puzzle in unintended ways*. However, despite this flow, Hoopla Cube is still an entertaining and challenging puzzle. Its cost is a bit higher than the cost of comparable products from other manufacturers, but for me the premium look and feel justify the price difference.

* - This puzzle is meant to be solved using only horizontal and vertical moves, i.e. without rotating the pieces.

Hoopla Cube
  • good quality hardwood
  • medium disassembly puzzle
  • pieces do not fit perfectly
  • recommended