Kaleidoscope is a new puzzle by ThinkFun based on the concept of color mixing. It comes in a small box which contains 6 transparent tiles and 40 challenge cards, split into 4 difficulties. The tiles have beautiful snowflake design and are colored in yellow, blue, and red. By placing them on top of each other, you can create three additional colors - green, purple, and orange. The goal is by overlapping 2 or 3 of the tiles, to reproduce each of the 40 patterns depicted on the cards. Even though most of the challenges are on the easier side, they still provide a good mental exercise and are lots of fun to solve. The best feature of Kaleidoscope is the way it masterfully combines attractive design and interesting gameplay. It is also very compact, which makes it easy to store and carry around. Considering its low price, I find the puzzle to be of great value. Highly recommended!

  • 40 puzzles, 4 difficulties
  • innovative concept
  • compact and attractive design
  • highly recommended