Codex Enigmatum

These are a few enigmas from the puzzle book CODEX ENIGMATUM. What is the answer to puzzle #9?

  • Puzzle #2 After turning the first wheel 22 times to the right, then 19 times to the left, then 15 times to the right, and finally 11 times to the left, the final wheel will spell the word EXIT.
  • Puzzle #3 The total number of spots on the hidden sides of the die on the left is 6, which corresponds to the sixth letter in the alphabet – F. Therefore, the four dice on the right correspond to the letters K, I, N, G.
  • Puzzle #4 In the mosaic on the right, you can find a little star which contains pieces with letters H, I, D, E.
  • Puzzle #6 If you trace the signature on the paper, starting from the large C, you will pass through the letters C, O, N, T, I, N, U, O, U, S.
  • Puzzle #8 The picture on the left and the answer to puzzle #6 (“continuous”) suggest that we have to consider the images on the right which can be drawn continuously, without taking off the pencil from the paper or passing through any segment twice. These images are labeled with the letters N, O, S, E.
  • Puzzle #9 The first 2 letters from the word NOSE spell NO. The last letter from the word EXIT is T. The first letter from the word HIDE is H. The last three letters from the word KING spell ING. When you combine all of them, you get the word NOTHING.

Codex Enigmatum by Rami Hansenne