Wacky Wordies 2

Can you figure out what phrases and sayings are represented in the Wacky Wordies below?

The answers are:

  1. Leave no stone unturned
  2. Foot in the door
  3. Go on a double-date
  4. Green with envy
  5. Look square in the eye
  6. Broken promise
  7. Pull up alongside the curb
  8. Excuse me
  9. High-grade performance
  10. Take on a big job
  11. Split the difference
  12. He came out of nowhere
  13. Wait on hand and foot
  14. Suit to a T
  15. Know it forward and back
  16. A period in history
  17. Crooked lawyer
  18. Get up on the wrong side of bed
  19. Sign on the dotted line
  20. Disorderly conduct

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Puzzle Newsletter (Post) (#10)

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