How many moves?

If Black just made a move in this game, what is the minimum amount of moves that have been played?

8 moves example: 

1. f3 Nf6
2. Kf2 Ng8
3. Ke3 Nf6
4. Kd3 Ng8
5. Ke4 Nf6
6. Ke3 NNg8
7. Kf2 Nf6
8. Ke1 Ng8

In order to see that 8 is the minimum number of moves, notice that Black could only move rooks and knights, and therefore he has made an even number of moves. This implies that White has made an odd number of moves, excluding the pawn on f3. This is possible only if he has placed his king on a white cell at some point and then returned it back to e1, which would take at least 8 moves.