A Good Bet

Someone tells you: “I’ll bet you $1 that if you give me $3, I will give you $5 in return”. Is this a good bet?

You should not accept the bet and give him $3. If the person gives you the $5, then you would have given him $1+$3=$4, and you would make a profit of $1. However, the person can simply not give you anything and you will lose $3-$1=$2.

Perfect Day

Dear Diary,
This morning, I woke up at 9 o’clock. My first job was to drink a glass of water and brush my teeth. After that, I ate an apple, 2 bananas, and a toast with almond butter for breakfast. Then, I went to the gym for one hour, took a shower, and came back home at eleven. I cooked a few pieces of chicken with sweet potatoes for lunch; ate everything. In the afternoon, I started working on my projects while listening to classical music. In the evening, I went for the 2nd time to the gym, did cardio for half-an-hour, and after that visited my friend’s apartment. We had together one big pizza for dinner and in the end, I fell asleep on his couch.

As you can see, my entire day was perfect, except that my laptop keyboard broke. Can you figure out what’s wrong with it?

All of the numbers in the text are written using digit symbols except for the ones containing “one” (“one”, “eleven”, “first”). This inconsistency implies that the number “1” key on the keyboard is broken.