The Magnetic Rod

You are in a room with nothing else but two indistinguishable iron rods. You know that one of them is magnetized, how can you figure out which one?

Touch the middle of the first rod with the end of the second rod. If the two rods get attracted to each other, then the second one is the magnet. If not, then the first one is the magnet.

Stuck in a Blender

You get shrunk 100 times (preserving your density), then thrown in a blender. You have 2 minutes until the blades of the blender start spinning. How are you going to escape?

If you get shrunk 100 times, but your density remains the same, your muscles will become so strong relative to your size, that you will be able to jump out of the blender. The reason is that your weight will decrease 1000000 times, but your muscle cross-section just 10000 times.

Cork in a Glass

You have a jar filled with water and a glass. If you pour some water into the glass and place a cork in it, the cork will float towards the edges of the glass. What is the easiest way to make the cork float towards the center?

Since the liquid molecules adhere to the glass molecules on the sides of the glass, the water level there is higher and buoyancy makes the cork float in that direction. If you fill the glass all the way to the edge, then the water surface will be convex and the cork will float towards the center.