Deez Nuts

While changing a tire, a motorist accidentally dropped all four wheel nuts into the sewer grate. Just when the man lost all hope to retrieve the nuts and continue on his way, a kid passed by. After hearing the story, the kid gave an advice, which enabled the driver to successfully fit a new tire and drive to the nearest service station without any more accidents. What was the advice the kid gave to the motorist?

The kid suggested that the man uses one bolt from each of the other three wheels to fix the fourth one.

Deadly Vodka

Two politicians go to a bar and order two glasses of vodka on the rocks. The first politician quickly empties his glass, then orders a second one, a third one… The second politician patiently drinks his own vodka, but about 20 minutes later, he drops down dead. The police discovered that the barman tried to assassinate both politicians, but how come the second one died and the first one lived?

The poison was in the ice cubes, so the second politician drank them when they melted in his drink.

Puddle of Water

A man is found in a room without any windows, with just one door which is locked from the inside. The man is hanging from a ceiling fan, dead, 4 feet above the floor. The room is completely empty, except for the man, the fan, and a puddle of water on the floor. How did the man die?

The man used a block of ice so that he could hang himself, and then the ice melted into the puddle of water.

Slowest Horse

Two friends made a bet whose horse is slower. After wondering for days what is the fastest and fairest way to figure out who wins the bet, they finally decided to ask a famous wise hermit for help. Upon giving them his advice, the two friends jumped on the horses and started racing back to the city as fast as they could. What did the hermit say?

He told them to switch their horses and whoever gets to the city first will win the bet.