Two Barbers

There are only two barbers in one town. One of the barbers has a neat haircut and a clean working place. The other barber’s haircut is a total mess and his working place is dirty. Which barber would you choose to give you a haircut and why?

You should choose the second barber. Since there are only two barbers, the chances are that they give each other haircuts. Also, probably the second barber’s salon is dirtier because he has lots of work and does not have time to clean up properly.

Spades and Bridge

You are playing a game of Bridge. Which probability is greater – that you and your partner do not have any spades, or that you and your partner have all the spades in the game?

You and your partner do not have any spades if and only if your opponents have all the spades. Therefore the probabilities are equal.

The Silent Parrot

A person enters a pet shop and sees a beautiful parrot. The seller guarantees him that the bird repeats everything it hears, so the person buys it. However, when he goes back home and tests the bird, it turns out that it doesn’t say a word. The buyer goes to the shop to complain to the seller, but the seller argues he has not lied. How is this possible?

The parrot is deaf.