27 Figures of Speech

Find 27 figures of speech in the illustration by Ella Baron below.

  1.    A piece of cake
  2.    An ace up one’s sleeve
  3.    Big cheese
  4.    Play one’s cards close to one’s chest
  5.    Cats got your tongue
  6.    Cherry on the cake
  7.    Crow over
  8.    Cut the chase
  9.    Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
  10.    Hit the nail on the head
  11.    Have (one’s) plate full
  12.    Heart on one’s sleeve
  13.    Holding a cat by the tail
  14.    In a nutshell
  15.    Kick the bucket
  16.    Make ends meet
  17.    Picture is worth a thousand words
  18.    Joker in the pack
  19.    Put a bug in someone’s ear
  20.    Put one’s best foot forward
  21.    Red herring
  22.    Silver spoon in your mouth
  23.    Spill the beans
  24.    Tie in knots
  25.    The shoe is on the other foot
  26.    Time flies
  27.    You can’t make an omelette without breaking egg

Pun Riddles

  1. Why do people go to the corner of the room when they are cold?
  2. Why was everyone afraid of Albert Einstein’s brother, Frank?
  3. What subject does a witch teach at school?
  4. What room can’t a skeleton enter?
  5. What rock group has only four members and none of them sing?
  6. What has two butts and kills people?
  7. How many tickles does it take to make a squid laugh?
  8. What do you call a squad of babies?
  9. What is a geologist’s favorite music genre?
  10. What’s blue and not very heavy?
  1. Because it is 90 degrees there.
  2. Because he was Frank-Einstein, a monster.
  3. Spell-ing.
  4. The living room.
  5. Mount Rushmore.
  6. An assassin.
  7. Ten-tickles.
  8. An infantry.
  9. Rock.
  10. Light blue.

Wacky Wordies 1

Can you figure out what phrases and sayings are represented in the Wacky Wordies below?

The answers are:

  1. Stacked deck
  2. Life of ease
  3. Holy mackerel!
  4. Straw vote
  5. Inflated ego
  6. Sloppy joes
  7. Rule of thumb
  8. T-squares
  9. Inverted pyramid
  10. Spinal cord
  11. Spring fever
  12. Checkered past
  13. “Me and My Shadow”
  14. Writer’s block
  15. Monograph
  16. Hollywood and Vine
  17. Striped bass
  18. Coconuts
  19. Knotty pine
  20. Bag of pipes
  21. Dotted Swiss
  22. Oliver Twist
  23. Comic strips
  24. Dead Sea Scrolls
  25. Chief of staff
  26. Mini stereo
  27. Test grid
  28. Old English sheepdog
  29. All-star game
  30. “Amazing Grace”