Mini Chess

White to play and force the black king to d3.

1. Qc3+ Ka2 2. Qc1 Kb3 3. Qa1 Kc2 4. Qa2+ Kc3 5. Qb1 Kd2 6. Qb2+ Kd1 7. Qa2 Kc1 8. Qb3 Kd2 9. Qb1 Kc3 10. Qa2 Kd3

If 4. … Kc1, then 5. Qb3 and we get to the position in move 8. If 4. … Kd1, then 5. Qb1 Kd2 6. Qb2+ and we get to the position in move 6.

On Fire

Slylock Fox and Max Mouse needed the rope on the ground to escape, but none of the onlookers could throw it as high as their window. However, Slylock and his sidekick found a solution and managed to escape the fire. What did they do?

Slylock asked the fisherman to cast his line to their window. After the fishing line was in Slylock’s hands, he told the beaver to remove the remaining line from the reel and tie it to the end of the rope. Slylock used the line to pull the rope up and then went down along it.